Celebrating the 72nd Indonesian Independence Day with Mercure Serpong Alam Sutera


The 17th of August 1945 was the most historical day for Indonesian people, when our first President, Ir. Soekarno proclaimed the Independence of Indonesia. After being under Dutch colonialism for more than three and half centuries and Japanese colonialism for three and half years, the people of Indonesia finally achieved their aspiration to become an independent nation. Because of this, there are a lot of celebrations all over the country today.

On marking the 72nd Indonesian Independence Day, Mercure Serpong Alam Sutera hold a flag raising ceremony as the greatest respect and honor. The ceremony was taken place on Thursday, August 17th, 2017, started from 7 am at main Lobby Area with the participation of employees within the departments.



To enhance the spirit of competition, Mercure Serpong Alam Sutera celebrated it by preparing various traditional attractive games, which were filled with fun more than competition for the employees. It was held on 18th August 2017 at Pre-function Area started from 3 pm. Every department were involved in the games such as Making Bed, Orange Dance, Slower Racing Bike, Volley Balloon, Sack Racing, Needle and Yarn and Tug of War.


The 1st winner was Housekeeping team, while Engineering team was the 2nd place winner and Finance team took the 3rd place. Even though other departments did not win but everybody got a gift and were having a good time and this made it the highlight of the day.

That kind of spirit was clearly reflected in this year’s Independence Day celebrations.

Long live Indonesia!